GTA 5 Will Have The Most Twisted Scene In Video Games


I actually quite find it plausible that there will be a plot twist in GTA 5 which will involve the killing of one of the main characters.

You have three characters, each with their special abilities, in the end Rockstar might just make you kill the least you liked, so, for example, I don’t find Trevor’s “raging” ability quite useful, I will just choose that Trevor dies, even if I don’t like it.

I love twists like these, definitely gets you away from the cliche that a protag will survive in the end.

I just HOPE it happens.

Written by LemonFreak.

I don’t think that this will happen since it has happened already and has been a theme with many other games. What I think is that GTA V will be more comical. Seriously comical if you will.

They all have their baby sitting jobs, Michael with his wife and kids, Franklin with Lamar and his boss which I think will prove to be a handful, and Trevor, he will have his demons in his head to contend with.

I think that GTA 5 will be full on fun. That’s my take anyway from looking at trailers.

Written by Davetopper

Lets all put ourselves in (Red Dead Redemption) Marston’s shoes for a minute…would any of you opened that barn door? I sure as hell would have not.

That’s because you, like many of us including myself, are cowards and don’t have the balls to sacrifice ourselves to save people we care about. If John hadn’t walked through that door and ended up living, he would have regretted it for the rest of his life because the law would eventually come back to hunt down him and his family again.

Another problem I have is that you refer to John as the “good guy”. Because the player is the one who guides John’s moral compass, John can end up either attempting to reform his ways and do the right thing, or fall back into old habits and do the wrong things. Even if you chose all of the morally “correct” choices throughout the story, the entire story is based around the fact that no matter how hard you try to reform or change, the bad things you’ve done in the past will always come back to haunt you. John knows he isn’t a good person and if I recall correctly he even says so himself throughout the entire story, and the entire game’s story is John attempting to Redeem himself so that he can try to become a good person. In the end, his death is the final price he must pay to redeem himself.

On Topic: None of the main characters will die, but some family members or close friends probably will.

Written by BisonTheThird

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