Mass Effect 4 Official Release Date Plenty Of Rumors


You can bet Bioware is hard at work with the next Mass Effect installment (which probably will not be called Mass Effect 4).

There have been plenty of rumors flying around the internet about the possible plot-line for the game, but so far Bioware has been very discreet.

Mass Effect 4 or New Mass Effect?

We do, however, have a few details about where the creators may intend to take the franchise.

First, the only concrete information we have is that the game will run on the Frostbite 3 engine, so it’ll likely only be for next gen consoles. (Actually, the Xbox 360 and PS3 might be able to run it, but definitely not the WiiU). Second, the new game will definitely not be about Shepard. Bioware has constantly stated that ME3 was Shepard’s final tale very forcibly on both their forums and in interviews. Shepard’s story is over. Casey Hudson has publicly stated that not only will the next game not feature Shepard, but it will in no way imitate him/her whatsoever:

“So first, we don’t want to make ‘Shepard 2′, or Mass Effect 4 with like, ‘oh there’s no more Shepard but you’re a soldier in the universe’. So this will be a very, very different context for sure, and nothing has been decided on the rest.”

It’s obvious Bioware wants to try something different. It also sounds to me that the Reapers, integral to the other three games, will not play a major roll at all. Bioware, it seems, wants to explore and expand the vast universe they created.

“We are starting to get ready to develop another Mass Effect game, and it’s going to be a new thing. We want to be able to give fans an opportunity to get back into the world with these things you’ve come to know and love about the Mass Effect experience but start something fresh and new — a new way for you to explore the whole universe in Mass Effect.”

“There’s so much that could be told in the Mass Effect universe. It’d be cool to do something completely unrelated to the larger storyline, like a story about a private investigator on the Citadel…”

This alone tells us a few things. First, despite what some have suggested, the next game will take place in the current cycle (so we’re definitely not going to be fighting Reapers as a Prothean, thank God). This makes sense. Bioware already created a vast universe; it’d be silly if they tried to start from scratch a whole new universe and races to produce a game in which we already know the inevitable ending to. It also seems that the story will take place before the Reaper war, not after. Again, this makes sense. I can’t imagine you could play a detective in the Citadel if it was destroyed. There were multiple endings to Mass Effect 3. If Bioware created a game after the war, they would have to choose one specific ending over the others. What if you destroyed the Reapers? What if you took control of them? What if you choose synthesis? These endings are simply too stark to try to mask over.

Aside from creating an entirely new and unrelated story, Bioware has also discussed the possibility of spin-offs in great detail.

“…Or maybe something detailing Garrus’ time in C-Sec.”

“While being one of Shepard’s most loyal friends, Garrus has also had some of the most driven personal goals. He’s a hero in his own right, as Archangel and beyond. Who wouldn’t want to see the further adventures of the bold, charming Garrus Vakarian (there’s a lot of guns out there to calibrate)”

“Aria. The Illusive Man. Kai Leng. Any henchman. The list goes on. I think most of them could have successful spin-offs of their own in some fashion.”

“Following the story of Javik a little bit more would be pretty cool. As the last remaining member of a lost race, I think that we could tell a lot of stories about his adventures in the Milky Way, and coming to terms with his place in the new Galaxy.”

These statements also, at least in my opinion, seem to discount any rumors about historical prequels to the ME universe. So we’ll likely not see a game about the First Contact War, The Krogan Rebellions, or the Rachni Wars. Of course, this is all just speculation on my part based on very limited information. What do you guys think? Should we have a ‘Garrus as Archangel’ spin-off? Should we have an ‘L.A. Noir-esque’ C-Sec saga?

What are you guys hoping for? What do you want to see?

Written by Eterna1Soldier

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  • Vini

    Your article is poor in analysis.

    “Following the story of Javik a little bit more would be pretty cool. As the last remaining member of a lost race, I think that we could tell a lot of stories about his adventures in the Milky Way, and coming to terms with his place in the new Galaxy.

    Key word –> New galaxy. This means his time in the new universe after the reaper war. He has no special mission of his own that Shepard and the crew were not aware of. Given how they had their doubts about him he was always under watch. For him to have a spin off of his own this means post ending.

    So they didn’t talk about a sequel eh? Well they did.

    Hence you article’s assumptions are wrong.

    Truth is they are not giving anything away, nothing is certain from any of their info. They have played their hand well, i.e not give anything away.

    • David Herrera

      Like I said before, Bioware and EA ignoring what the fans want, which is the continuation of Shepard, is going to have the same result from people hating Mass Effect 3′s ending.

      • Joseph B.

        Who are they ignoring but a few overzealous fans who became attached to just Shepard. Looking at the other famous and successful sci-fi universes such as star wars, it never entirely focuses on just one character. I want and I know many more want more than just one character for every second the mass effect universe exists. He is not the only hero and he will not live forever. I hope he dies at the end of ME3 (if they do a post reaper setting) so we can continue the universe instead of just his story. He was meant to die so he can save the galaxy, a fitting death to a hero. Stop being so narrow minded David. The reason they are thinking of a story without Shepard is because fans want something else, just look at twitter feeds of Bioware and the fans responses and on the forums. (Also I am not denying people hate the ending of ME3 while it is still based on narrow minded reasoning and selfish, ignorant and optimistic views). I for one loved the ending.

        • Vini

          People are invested in the character of Shepard, which means his interactions with his squad mates as well, Taking him/her out the picture also means most of the squad or all of of them are taken out of the picture as well. You like the endings? You are in the minority. Get off that high horse of yours, this is art after all. Many perspectives, your view is no more important than theirs. If anyone is selfish and ignorant it will those who share your views. This is not the focus point here. So lets not go into a childish flame war of the sort.

          Your numbers are not what most have seen and your assumptions are accurate either. The people who hate the endings are not majorly asking for shepard to live on, they hate the endings and don’t want to bother if shepard lives or dies because they have no faith in Bioware’s lead writers. The destroy ending and Shepard living on is a sore thumb in the plot. They have made the endings non-expandable without pissing off any of the other endings groups who chose those other endings.

          “Shepard lives” is an in game inference from their own game files, they even admitted as much at first and then in the comiccons they teased it could be his ‘last breath’. So they want controversy and speculation. Speculations for everyone! as they put it. Shepard is neither dead nor alive for sure. So if they want to continue? They pick a canon ending. The fans are pissed about this fact, why did they do this anyway?. Its a cliffhanger and that means Shepard’s story isn’t over just yet. This was after all the end of his story arch yes? They didn’t do a good job.

          Then there is that whole metaphyiscal implication. The whole beam run looks like a dream.They keep playing around saying “all interpretations are valid” both face value and indoctrination like theories. They wont say one way or the other whats really happening. It cant be that all are true. Common sense. They are just stringing people along for the ride and many have gotten tired of this attitude. If there is a grand scheme in the making, the time is well past for a reveal. But we are getting good indications none such reveal exists. So their charade is an insult to the fans to suck them into buying DLC expecting some sort of post ending reveal or expansion. Just look at the last message once you beat the game. Its reeks of “yeah that was a strange ending but hey buy more DLC!”

          These are the main issues. everyone knew Shepard’s story was coming to an end even before ME3 launched. So that argument is getting old and lame every time someone uses that to sound all superior and the better appreciator of art.

          • dan155

            People are invested in Shepard? Okay, me too, but we can become invested in a new character. In the long run it’s actually people who deny the possibility of change which leads to the stagnation of movie and game franchises. Following the success of the early Star Trek films some Trekies were OUTRAGED when it was revealed the new TV series wasn’t going to be about the original series crew, how can it be Star Trek without Kirk and Spock and McCoy they whined? This series, The Next Generation, went on to become the most successful Star Trek series in history.

            Too much Shepard & Normandy crew and they’ll just become parody’s of themselves. I for one trust the producers to create a new Mass Effect series that will be just as engaging and exciting as the original.

          • Vini

            You are talking about a TV series in comparison with Mass effect which is a game? Totally different medium. A game is interactive, the player has every vested interested in controlling the outcome by playing well or choosing the various story arcs presented.. If this was a movie the uproar wouldn’t happen.

            Irrelevant point.

            But in any case thanks for the support.

          • Matija Prahin

            it’s not the same. star trek universe is vast and with no definitive endings!

          • Joseph B.

            Get off my high horse? This is art? Art is meant to be interpreted in many ways, have many opinions, good and bad, and lots of times the creator doesn’t even know why he made it in the first place. Take a art class, take a humanities class or Google art and its purpose.

            In terms of the DLC, what do you expect from a business? They need to make money. Every major game these days has DLC and they most of the time cost. Did you listen to what they said about the “From Ashes” DLC? They said they meant it to be included day 1 but could not finalize it before release. Granted they did charge us but it was worth the laughs and extra lore Javik included. Another thing people think of game development companies is that the deadline for games to be released is flexible and they can delay it willingly. In cases where there is a developer and a producer this is not the case. EA is just the producer, AKA the company that throws the money to bioware to develop the game and protects them legally. EA has stated many times that they do not mess with any of their developers creatively. This talk about EA is in relation to your attempts and many others to compare EA to Bioware or in other cases with EA to Dice or EA to Visceral. EA only develops to my knowledge Sims and EA Sports, so blame those games on them. They don’t touch Mass Effect. To compare, if you know Blizzard and their reputation to delay games, they are the sole producer and developer of their games so they are free to delay when they want. Look up a book or google how producers and developers work.

            There was only 1 major ending to something as powerful and destructive as the reapers and that consisted of the end of the reaper threat, whether it was destroying them or making them peaceful (either through synthesis or control). What other ending could there have been? Also the theories on how the events leading up to the ending, such as the indoctrination theory, the dream deal when shepard entered the beam, etc. are just what art is meant to be, interpretations of the work. The creator can tell people its real meaning and in this case give us a canon ending for the next work. This is the process they did for the last two games, especially if you didn’t transfer over save games between games.

            I never said I was a better appreciator of art and no one can say that, it all matters on how you interpret it and if you even care of it. Also the OLD message at the end of the game saying to “buy” more DLC is just like Activision saying to buy their DLC through advertisement. They didn’t make it essential to buy the DLC, so if you don’t like their approach then why buy any of it?

            You seem to not know what art is, and art is to be interpreted many ways. If you look at Christopher Nolan’s movies for example, there is many questions at the end of the movie. Such as in Dark Knight Rises, people were confused on whether Bruce Wayne survived, while there was very strong evidence he did not and it was a dream. How is this case any different than indoctrination theory or dreams in ME?

            We know the general story and lore of the universe of mass effect now and bioware wants to, most fans want to, and even I want them to continue on. I loved Shepard and everything else Mass Effect but just get over your narrow mindedness and move on. It is time for a new hero, and new stories. If you hate Bioware and what they did then why argue with me and defend the so called “fans” and then buy DLC, and then still complain a year later.

          • Vini

            Get off my high horse? This is art? Art is meant to be interpreted in many ways, have many opinions, good and bad, and lots of times the creator doesn’t even know why he made it in the first place. Take a art class, take a humanities class or Google art and its purpose

            I am curious to know where you copy pasted that from. No seriously, if you can post that then you are a hypocrite for labeling calling David Herra’s views above as narrow minded, selfish and arrogant.

            Are you sure you know what are even arguing about? I doubt it very much.

            n terms of the DLC, what do you expect from a business? snipped…. too long to copy paste

            Nice PR line from EA. Do you work for them? ;)

            Thats the exact excuse EA gives but they have have ruined pretty much everything they touched.

            Please try something convincing if they are paying you to post this mumbo jumbo. We consumers are not that daft. Oh and look to bottom of this post….Easter eggs for you

            They didn’t make it essential to buy the DLC, so if you don’t like their approach then why buy any of it?

            Which is why I didn’t buy any of the DLCs, when in doubt youtube is your friend. And pretty soon many more will talk with their wallets. You go have a look at the main forums at bioware, people are calling for the end of ME, they are not even interested in another game. They say it can suck even more, they shouldn’t try it again, Thats them saying not me. Its the premier go to place for this game and if there is a large contingent of people asking for the end of ME altogether, you better listen to them friend. ;)

            They may not a clear majority but they are pretty close to being almost what? 30-40% of the people there? Thats a lot. They are not even bothered about Shepard or his pet dog living on, They just think the ME franchise is toast. I don’t think so but they do. You are no one to say they have no say in this, they will because they have the power of the wallet.

            Since you are an EA employee how is that Dead space thingy coming along?…. Yeah that’s what I thought.

            Batman movie: look here I shall make it dummy proof-> Movie get it? Mass effect is a game its about control and interaction. Movie is different medium. Wrong thing to even compare with. Irrelevant fact. Your point being? Nothing at all.

            I loved Shepard and everything else Mass Effect but just get over your narrow mindedness and move on. It is time for a new hero, and new stories. If you hate Bioware and what they did then why argue with me

            Look at your own first quote above, your are exposed a hypocrite. And nope I didn’t buy DLC I have youtube. But a lot of other poor souls regret buying it, I am talking about everyone. Unlike you I am not all about I I I I me me me . You got me!

            Hey don’t think we are not watching. You opened a new account just to post this, This is your new brand spanking new account along with Jesse Hollowell

            How am I doing so far? XD

            I am reporting you for trolling with multiple accounts that’s what this is all about.

          • Joseph B.

            I compared the concepts to a movie, when I mentioned the Batman movie I am not comparing the medium I am comparing the concept of an open ended story.

            How am I being a hypocrite when I say I loved the series and hope it to continue? You did not explain that, you just said “look a statement” so you are a hypocrite. A hypocrite contradicts something that was said before, such as if I said I hate mass effect but I kept buying their games/comics, etc. By the way there is a movie out there for this game, it is called Paragon Lost. While it is animated, it was endorsed fully by Bioware and is classified as a movie (by imdb).

            For what purpose would I create a false account. Think of motives. In my defense I did not know this website existed before yesterday and I created an account to comment on your response. I found this article by using and searching mass effect. You cannot prove that I did create any false accounts or if I am an employee of Bioware or EA. I am an employee of a engineering firm in Florida. Granted I can’t prove that entirely to you without being trolled by giving my info out.

            The statements I made on the game or on EA or Bioware, are based on the Behind the Scenes of Paragon Lost, the behind the scenes of Mass Effect 3, their Twitter feeds, facebook feeds, and any other public material.

            I work in a professional environment so I try to sound as professional as possible, which may be another reason you think I am a paid employee of them because I know how a business works.

            I say to get over the narrow mindedness, ignorance, etc. because you are focused on shepard, his ending, or the debatable writing by Bioware surrounding his story.

            I see the forums as it is now, and not very many people anymore are talking about the ending. I know it was a problem before but either those people died (or moved on), or the consensus changed. Granted there are still a few threads on the ending problems.

          • Vini

            I compared the concepts to a movie, when I mentioned the Batman movie I am not comparing the medium I am comparing the concept of an open ended story.

            Like I said before you don’t even know what you want talk about. Open ended story? So a movie can show you 4 different endings all at the same time eh? Thats not even considering the fact that is a game that is interactive.

            You are truly clueless.

            How am I being a hypocrite when I say I loved the series and hope it to continue? You did not explain that

            You accuse another guy of being selfish, arrogant and ignorant for his views on the game and then you get your underwear in a twist for being given the same dose of that medicine. ;) Obvious hypocrite is obvious.

            Paragon lost is a anime/movie, no open endings there nor is it interactive. No point there. Why do you even bother to present that as anything?!

            You created an account for this purpose and then you post a copy past EA press line as to why the day 1 DLC is justified. If its a different take on that matter I could even be fooled into thinking you are just another player. But uh ah, you are parroting EA very nicely. And then suddenly in great fashion and timing this other guy shows up and posts along the same style as yours. You think people are too naive not to see that? Please its lame, you are too poor at it, try harder.

            I work in a professional environment so I try to sound as professional as possible, which may be another reason you think I am a paid employee of them because I know how a business works.

            So….you are a professional huh? Maybe thats why you called David Herrera a ignorant, selfish and narrow minded person for his views on the game? Very professional indeed. lmao! Omg its so funny and terrible at the same time.

            Are you for real? You think its funny to just troll and then copy paste press core lines that EA puts out? If you are not a paid EA press guy then you are a EA/bioware fanboi doing their job for them. Which is equally shameful.

            I say to get over the narrow mindedness, ignorance, etc. because you are focused on shepard, his ending, or the debatable writing by Bioware surrounding his story.

            Uhuh, lets see what you wrote up there:

            Stop being so narrow minded David. (snipped)…..people hate the ending of ME3 while it is still based on narrow minded reasoning and selfish, ignorant and optimistic views

            And then you go on about how there will be different views when I accused you of the same thing:

            Get off my high horse? This is art? Art is meant to be interpreted in many ways

            Double standards much? Its only that when it applies to you eh?


            I see the forums as it is now, and not very many people anymore are talking about the ending. I know it was a problem before but either those people died (or moved on), or the consensus changed. Granted there are still a few threads on the ending problems.

            Maybe thats true on the version of the official forums on your planet. Here on planet earth on that same forum, things are very different.

            Or maybe you are just pulling things from your rear end because that’s what your job is. Doesn’t matter, if they pay you for it you should do their money’s worth, Duty comes first right?

            It is easy for anyone to just go to BSN and see what I and many others have already seen.

          • Joseph B.

            I will no longer respond after this, since you are taking it no where, not adding to the creativity of this article, and since I am feeling dumber the longer I try to make sense of anything you are saying.

            Look up the definition of hypocrite please, matter of fact look up every word longer than 5 letters since you keep using them wrong. You can’t just throw an insult around when you don’t know its basic definition. I never contradicted myself. Just because you troll me because I somehow trolled when I just commented on a persons comment, it being my opinion and my response to him, doesn’t make me a hypocrite. Getting a taste of my own medicine is not hypocrisy, that is just getting a taste of my own medicine, which you have not even done yet since you have not proved anything.

            Also explain yourself instead of grabbing a quote from my comment and making a statement. You pull a quote and just insult it.

            (I don’t know how to do the quote system)

            I said:

            “Get off my high horse? This is art? Art is meant to be interpreted in many ways”

            Then you say:

            “Double standards much? Its only that when it applies to you eh?”

            Double standards? where? I wondered why I was said to get off my high horse then he called ME art when he said it can’t have open questions or many interpretations, when art is suppose to have many interpretations. ME is art, never said it wasn’t so I don’t get your support-less insults.

            Also when does a professional not have the opportunity to insult another person when I have proof of it. If I just came in and just said, “Your stupid” and had no supporting evidence, true or not, then that is being immature. If you never seen a professional insult someone or talk down to someone then you either never had a bad interview or you work with ZERO professionals. It happens all the time. Professionals are not always nice to each other, they just do it in a more constructive and orderly manner.

            If you think I copy pasted ANYTHING. Then put it into google or any search engine then that line WILL show up in the results from EA/Bioware. Anything they post in blogs, social media, press releases, PR jumbo you keep claiming, etc. is searchable. Some of my comments are based on stuff they have said, but it is in my own words because I believe some of the things they say, not all but some.

            You have no proof of actual employees of companies posing as random fake people just to insult other fan’s lack of intelligence. That “fan” being you.

            Also, please look on the forums. Don’t just say things when you have no proof.

            Lastly, to reiterate again since you can’t comprehend, I am basing the fact that the movie I mentioned has open endings/questions to be answered, but they leave it like that so people keep thinking about it years to come. That is the concept of any type of real art. THE CONCEPT, I am not talking about the medium or the interactivity, I know what a movie is and what a game is, etc. Don’t take everything literal.

            You have no proof of any of your claims, you just make a statement and add extra insult to make yourself seem right and/or to hurt me. That is a type of troll.

            Thanks – Joe

          • asdasdasd

            Woha what an asshole…

          • Matija Prahin

            except CD Projekt red… they rule!

          • alex1608

            EA always to blame if theres anything to do with money. think about online passes and gun packs, could easily be done for free like the map packs created by Bioware, but not because EA thought they could make a couple quid off of the gamer.
            On the Shepard/ not Shepard note: I’m not sure how to react, of course like the majority of Mass Effect fans I was sad to see him die. (although my friend is convinced that he see’s some N7 armour towards the end of the clip and this means he somehow survived – I don’t know I suppose he’s died before) However, I thought the ending was fitting, as Bioware had aimed for a cinematic blockbuster trilogy and that’s what they got. I could remind us of the “Death” of Batman in the Dark Knight trilogy or many other films/games where the hero makes the ultimate sacrifice or something similar. Therefore I stand in the minority in thinking that Shepard sacrificing himself was a good move – although the whole thing with Anderson and the indoctrination I thought was a bit rushed and unnecessary (I don’t know why Anderson, who looks to be in his 50s, would be charging alongside the 20/30 year old soldiers, let alone actually making it as the only one alongside Shepard) My only problem with the ending is what happens to the Normandy, and where to go from there. they land on some random planet (not sure whether its earth or not) and just walk out together. And the synthesis ending is awful, the only purpose that serves is it makes EDI happy.
            Anyway, as much as I would hope that Shepard would continue his story, Bioware would struggle with getting hold of a storyline as epic as the all-powerful reapers wiping all sentient life out of the galaxy, and therefore continuing with a Shepard who will have been totally drained from this experience and not as young as the start of ME1 is understandably a difficult course on its own, as they risk following the sort of example made by Halo 4, Gears of War Judgement, etc. the writers work to end a conclusion worthy to round off the story, which gears and halo 3 both did as well as the new pirates of the Caribbean, and to then continue it in some clumsy way (although judgement is a prequel) doesn’t do the protagonists true justice.
            This leads to say that although I crave an additional Mass Effect game, as this has been my favourite all time series and I felt so disappointed when it finally ended – despite the fact I knew it had to – I worry that Bioware will make the same clumsy mistakes as 343 and Epic in their game-crafting, and create a game which feels like it drags from the last. Despite the fact that I like the idea of a Garrus related story and I originally thought the story would follow James Vega (as we can assume he joins N7) or Jacob Taylor – as he is left out during ME3, I think I would prefer a completely unrelated story many years in the future, giving the writers the ability to create a whole new storyline and the developers the freedom to create all new gadgets, abilities and weapons. so to argue for a continuation of Shepard or another squadmate would limit the ability for writers to spin a new epic tale or create great weapons for us to slaughter whatever enemy comes our way. that’s what I think anyway, I cant see a decent way around that fact. hey, we could also see some sort of PvP action finally, using regular alliance soldiers/turian soldiers/asari/krogan etc – although id like to see a continuation of the existing multiplayer too.

        • David Herrera

          No I’m pretty sure people want the continuation of Shepard’s story. Go on your search engine and you will find that people want Shepard to continue his story. You cannot hide from the facts.

          • Jesse Hollowell

            Unfortunately, for all of those people it will not be a continuation of Shepard’s story. They should have all listened when bioware said this is it, no mas, finito. shepard’s story ends with me3. I love my Shepard but fortunately for me I am not an idiot and can comprehend what they said from day one. why don’t you google that.



          • Vini

            Hello Joseph B. :)

          • Jesse Hollowell


          • Joseph B.


          • Jesse Hollowell

            hey .. dont try to take credit for my smart ass remark!!! it took a lot of work to google all that, lol

          • Matt

            Vini is kind of a dick, just let people have their opinions.

          • AuldWolf

            That’s the problem with venomous BioWare “fans” really. There’s a reason why BSN is called the BioWare Sociopath Network by people who don’t post there. The founds left because of it, a Dragon Age writer has said he can no longer post due to it.

            It’s a toxic environment, a real hive of scum and villainy. And you can bet Vini posts there often.

            The reason I say this is because of his attitude. The problem is is that those who hated the endings, hated Synthesis, hate the idea of moving on from Shepard and so on are vitriolic and tend to openly puke their bile over anyone who disagrees. They do so loudly in the hope that they’ll get noticed, and they complain more when they don’t.

            We’re past the age where the squeaky wheel gets the grease. BioWare doesn’t care about them. What does BioWare care about? Metrics. All they need to do is look at their data and how it doesn’t correspond to what this tiny minority of loud haters claim that everyone wants.

            I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the next Mass Effect was a sequel set in a post-Synthesis era, with Shepard still dead. 98% of people aren’t going to give a crap, 90+% of people will buy it based just upon the marketing, and BioWare will continue ignoring the 2% as they always have.

            When it comes to marketing, you go where the sales are. And the sales aren’t found via bilious dialectics who’ve probably got a boycott boner at the moment anyway.

            Why aim your product at a small minority that hates you? The BioWare Sociopath Network and the “fans” will continue to be a mess of hate. Mass Effect will continue to be good.

          • csm5673

            Yep. Bioware should make games for people who are passionate about the series and want to play it, instead of those people who can’t get past the ending issue. Or they let a bad ending ruin the entire trilogy for them.

            I am personally a forgivable man. If Bioware messed up, big deal. Everyone makes mistakes. We’re all human beings. Something those fans will never understand. It’s like the old saying, don’t let one rotten apple spoil the whole bunch.

            Although I don’t personally think that Mass Effect 3 was bad in any way. I just used that saying to express how the fans feel about this.

            I had a chat with some people who stated stuff like “without fans, there is no Mass Effect or Bioware” or “without Shepard, well, same thing”.

            Honestly, like Auld said, unless these fans have a sales record of some kind (which you would only get official numbers if they actually worked at the company’s accounting department), they’re just talking up stuff without having any facts.

          • BD


          • BD

            Im with vini

          • Joseph B.

            Reread my comments then read dan155′s comment then you should revise that comment. Never said no one wanted the continuation of shepard’s story. Shepard set the stage for Mass effect but Mass Effect should not be limited to him. He can die only so much. If anyone wants Mass Effect to continue outside of Shepard, his story needs to end eventually. and they should look to what worked and that is how the Star Trek and Star Wars and any similar franchise played out. Also a fact is something that is accurate, proven and not an opinion. In context of your comment you indirectly state that EVERYONE wants Shepard to continue his story and not is not true, not for everyone.

        • Matija Prahin

          I loved the ending too, I think ME3 told the story and if you are smart enough it will be enough for you. Problem is ME=Shepard. I wouldn’t want a sequel like in Prince of persia the two thrones where narator says: “oh, you finished game like this? my god! that’s totally wrong! you should finished it like this, couse that’s what really happened!” and continue story from there. Only option is to make 3 games for each ending!

        • BD

          I hope you relize that people do want shep back look ur the only person disagreeing here so stop being a ***hole and listen to us you and bioware the same

      • mina

        I agree…completely agree 100% no Shepard no mass effect..they need to bring him/her back and fixed the mess they did with the ending of number 3…. why ask the fans when they ignore the fans,, I like many will not play mass effect 4..if it is not Shepard related… it is like saying uncharted without Drake..or tomb raider without Lara Croft.. give me a break… they can have a mass effect 4 having Shepard in it…even if they concentrate in other characters….

    • Evan R

      NEW galaxy to JAVIK, meaning the galaxy he woke up to after being in stasis for 50,000 years.

    • Matija Prahin

      I think it’ll be MMO… unfortunately

  • Connor Shipley

    something really cool would be a story about a merc (being asked by either the alliance or turian army to swing the war in their favor; through espionage, aid in specific battles; etc)during the first contact war. i know everyone is gonna say since its known how the war ends that it would be a terrible plot, but how you get to the ending is what makes it great also. another thing that should be added is the ability to create your own ship kinda like you created shepard in the beginning of ME1(eventually there will be a flashback mission of how you ended up with your personal ship!). Or maybe this same plot line except you’re a playable alien on the rise as the new shadow broker…or something like that

  • crossalchemist

    You know what I’d like to see? A game set in an alternate universe where there is no reaper threat and it’s all about Garrus and Shepard being bros and having adventures around the galaxy.

    • Rose Newell

      Bros? They’re lovers who calibrate each others’ bodyparts in my universe…

      • Pasqualino Speranza


  • E-Dog

    Not sure what I’d like to see in terms of story–all of the scenarios described above sound intriguing. However, I am mainly salivating for more multiplayer. Although i played through the campaign twice, I spent 99.9% of my ME3 time engaged in its fantastically addictive (albeit buggy) multiplayer, as did most of my friends In fact, I played ME3 multiplayer more than all of the other games I played last year, combined. I would like to see them take that concept to the next level: more classes, powers, maps, objectives, weapons. Given that Bioware Montreal (which developed ME3′s multiplayer) has been put in charge, I am hopeful the multiplayer component of the next Mass Effect will be an even bigger, more robust, part of the game. Heck, I’m inclined to say that I would prefer a dedicated, multiplayer-only Mass Effect title that really takes it to new heights.

    • csm5673

      I heard a rumor the next Mass Effect game will have something called “co-operative single player”, which instead of playing with 4 nobodies in multiplayer, you could technically play the entire game with your friends instead of using squadmates.

      • E-Dog

        Say it ain’t so! I met so many cool people playing ME3 multiplayer quick match–far more than I ever had an opportunity to meet playing any other multiplayer game. There was something truly special about hanging in the lobby and discussing builds, figuring out team strategies, and collectively graduating from bronze to silver to gold (in the early days), and eventually to platinum gameplay with many of these people I randomly met. You’d eventually get a posse of folks who were legitimately cool; the guys who could rock the game but weren’t annoying know-it-alls who would tell everyone else what to do or how to play. It was addictive and incredibly fun. I suppose if bioware changes these core aspects of multiplayer, I won’t end up wasting as much of my time on their game–which would be both a good and bad thing. Anyway, thanks for the heads-up. I hope if anyone from Bioware stumbles upon this conversation, they will consider refining the wheel rather than reinventing it entirely.

        • alex1608

          I don’t know who you were playing with but not once did I discuss tactics with squadmates, just went for it and killed enemies completed missions.

          • E-Dog

            Tough guy, I’m sure that worked out great for you on Platinum/Collectors/Jade.

  • Rav

    Don’t you DARE go L.A Noire on me Mass Effect. A private investigator on the Citadel? NOPE, NO F*****G WAY. Mass effect is a sci-fi action series, not a mystery thriller.

    • RainbowXM

      I think of two things necessary for the future of EA and Bioware in video games:
      1. Make a new story, new project, using positive ideas of mass effect, without the negative aspects of the trilogy;
      2. do, in part, the epilogue, after the destruction raiders, continuing the 3 finals, and ending with his girlfriend choice, a kind of memory with a happy ending for Shepard.

      • David Herrera

        I choose #2

      • 1m19808

        Shepard’s story is finished with ME3. Get over it and move on.

        See Auld’s post.

        Second, they’ve said a million times, the next game will not be a sequel, will not reference any of your choices from ME3 (destroy, control, synthesis, or whatever). It will be a completely new game that has no connection to the previous games. Kind of like a reboot of the series. Something fresh, new, and exciting.

        1. Denial (the series can’t be over)
        2. Anger (how could they end it like this)
        3. Bargaining (you gotta do something about that ending)
        4. Depression (mopes and whines)
        5. Acceptance (well, I can’t convince them to change it, so I’ll just find a new game that makes me happy)

        If still upset and can’t get past step 5, repeat step 1 and start again. If not, see a psychiatrist because a lot of you need professional counseling at this point. Perhaps a visit to the psych ward and lots of drugs and a straight jacket would be preferable. Oh, and a rubber room.

  • Vigil

    If they were going to do it after the reaper war surely you could easily use the destrouction ending because if you chose it with enough war assets the mass relays do not get destroyed also they could easily just do it a couple of years after with a new space station equivalent to the citadel, personally i think they should go more into depth with the krogan say if the krogan rise up again after a genophage cure even if you didnt choose to cure it. Also it would be great to make your character any race

    • Chris Steeves

      I think an MMO would be fun. Change your race, class, and weapons and then release you into the world like Star Wars, but third person shooter style. Then they could do everything everyone has talked about in this forum. Detective? You got it for a mission sequence. Shepard style save a space station. Sure. Cameos from original characters, definitely. Maybe even Shepard for those who work really hard..

    • csm5673

      Mass relays don’t get destroyed anyways. Starchild was a big fat liar.

      If people remember, he said synthetics would die if you pick destroy, but he also said that Shepard would die too. Shepard wakes up on Earth, which pretty much says the kid was lying.

      Actually what people may not know, is the word Catalyst has the same meaning as the word Harbinger. Every word out of the kid’s mouth is something Harbinger has said at one point. I suppose that since the kid doesn’t look like Harbinger that;’s the problem. People took what they were seeing at face value.

  • Lord-Floyd

    you should be a pirate and go around building your group of mercs, and pillaging weak moons, ships ect when you created yourself at the beginning you should also have the option to not just be human but also Baterian, Salarian, Turian Drell,, Vorcha, Geth & Quarian. Not Asari as you cant pick a sex same fro Krogan

  • John Pierce

    I feel The Illusive Man’s story would be really interesting to play in, I wish it was based on him. Just a opinion. I love TIM personally tho.

  • Andy L

    I think it should be full customization for your character. And it’s a story after the war. But you can choose different species. And since so many species have had almost everything destroyed from the reapers some species want to take power some want to have the counsel again. A power struggle in the universe. Pretty cool!

  • Jake Anderson

    I think that the smartest thing to do would be to choose the ending in which
    the Reapers are destroyed as the launch point for a new game and character career.

    In lieu of the traditional gender and class choices for an RPG, players could be afforded a choice of known characters (ie Garrus, Grunt, Jack, Tali, etc.) as the new Commander of the Normandy. In my opinion, keeping the Normandy and Joker as her pilot would suffice for maintaining consistency in a new Mass Effect game that does not include Commander Shepard.

    The missions and storyline could be driven by the inevitable struggle for power as the Galaxy gets on with life without the Reaper threat. With the Citadel no longer being the seat of power in the Galaxy, it’s natural that the sentient races would begin to develop a power struggle once the unifying Reaper threat has been eliminated.

    The new storyline could allow the new Commander of the Normandy to affect how the new balance of power develops depending on how well s/he develops ties with other races. You could have have a few “ready-made” alliances among known races, and various factions (ie the Shadow Broker, Cerberus, etc) attempting to manipulate the balance of power.

    The Normandy could be tasked with building relationships with the various races by helping each in their war against new aggressors, such as an alliance of Batarians and Vorcha, or helping certain “preferred leaders” gain power in the non-citadel races in order to join the new galactic political settings.

    The possibilities are virtually endless, but the classic power struggle once a threat has been eliminated would be the perfect vehicle for launching a complete new story arc.

    • Matija Prahin

      I don’t think that would be a good idea it’s much like when a hero dies in the end of movie and then they produce the sequel with another character like nothing happened!

      • Mauro Souza Silva

        Still better than a C.T. Noire

        • Matija Prahin

          you mean L.A. Noire?

    • Fritz MacCormick

      I like the way you think.

  • Ali

    I see a lot of suggestions about what people hope the story line would be. I am in the Shepard camp and had gotten so attached to the character that I do wish they would at least have a final good bye. Yeah that is a bit naive but I would like the satisfaction of Shepard’s story coming to a dignifying end rather than rotting away on the destroyed Citadel. But that is a minor point. The major point that every suggested scenario failed to mention is what overwhelming odds the new heroes will face. What made this ME story so addictive was the ever present overarching reaper threat. What will replace that in the new series. Garrus’ adventures as C-Sec officer or Javik’s life in the new galaxy just seems so mundane and uninteresting if they are not a small part of a bigger puzzle. Also a huge threat cannot be just another random immensely powerful enemy, it needs to have some philosophical undertones to give depth to the story. As in the current series, I loved the interactions with Legion in ME2 and the writers did a wonderful job of providing an AI’s perspective. Obviously the ME writers are a creative bunch and I am sure they will come up with a compelling and addictive story line.

    About EA’s DLC pricing, I get frustrated with it as well, but if the choice is to delay the game until all DLC is developed or release what they have and then add the DLC later, I will choose the latter. I agree, the “From Ashes” should have been part of the original game, but as someone said they are a business and based on the success of the last two games they knew what they had on their hands and monetized it accordingly. I am sure everyone in this forum and 99.99% of the fans of the franchise bought most if not all the DLCs. Basic economics, if the demand is high, the price goes up. And I can guarantee that if the next game is as good as the current one, all of you will pay for the DLC, and so will I.

  • KarlLovall

    Truthfully I became attached to Shepard and it pisses me off that ME4 won’t include him. I’m not saying ME4 won’t be fun but I do wish Shepard was still a part. I wish the next game is Shepard and his/her lover together wth a kid and Shepard is training him or if you chose synthesis or control ending then it is your offspring being trained by expert military officers. That’s what I would like although it is far fetched.

    • Akoolomonch

      hopefully thei’ll at least mention him/her

      • BD

        About as good as bioware and EA will give

  • MoonBeam

    After the ending of Mass Effect 3 it seems a lot of people don’t trust Bioware with their own franchise. Examples would be TOR- the expensive failure and Dragon Age II. Sounds like another risk which due to trend is probably going to fail. Doesn’t seem like the same company which brought us Baldurs Gate, KoTOR and Dragon Age: Origins.

    Mass Effect is to the games industry what Gladiator was to the movie industry: an epic. Look at Halo and the whole Master Chief deal, Gordon Freeman in Half Life- sometimes a franchise is as much its lead character, and those two were not characters people nurtured from level 1 to 40. So essentially OUR character and OUR hero is being written out, there is no Half Life without Gordon, there is no Halo without Master Chief and a Mass Effect without a Commander Shepard is equally as grim.

    Something that pops to mind was the Babylon 5 spin off Crusade. There was a whole new set of characters and bad guys (The side kicks to Reaper…. i mean Shadows) – a gamble at making something new in a rich universe – maybe it would have gone somewhere interesting eventually, but it flopped and failed. I’m sure all this is a familiar fable of which Mr Hudson is so very aware considering the extensive similarities between Citadel 5 and Babylon Effect.

    • csm5673

      Shepard was never our character. You play the role of Shepard, but Bioware ultimately decides his fate. This is an RPG after all. Do people realize that Bioware would essentially have to craft an ending just for every single person who bought this game.

      ^ This guy sums it up nicely.

      • MoonBeam

        So when you say that they essentially said “we wrote 99% of the story, now its your turn” do you mean the decision at the end? Because as you said Bioware ultimately decided his fate. They provided the endings and we chose which to go for which means they wrote 100% of the story. An ending which kind of blocked themselves off from really exploring their own universe outside a 50 year time frame… i mean if thats what they want sure why not.

        As far as Shepard not being our character, i’d venture a guess that every Shepard was unique to each player for the most part, in stats, looks and name. I’d say that gives each Shepard and individualism to each player which could be seen as it essentially being their character who they leveled and put their time and effort into.

        Besides my point is, fine maybe sacrafice Shepard (Or even just make him a non playable character), but they essentially cockblocked any games set after Mass Effect 3. Sure the Reapers maybe hard to live upto, but that problem would exist in prequels too. There was just no feesable reason to end the game in such a way that they’d end any chance of sequel games. I mean he could be in it and still die if a sequel game ran somewhat parallel.

        Bad writing ended a universe of oppertunity.

        • csm5673

          Not really bad writing. Think about it for a minute. People can talk about plot holes and lore contradictions, but those only exist if you take the ending at face value.

          You have to remember, the writing team is only one part of the team who makes this game. To think that every single team member (art, beta testers, audio, VO, etc) was completely oblivious to what was going on when they made this ending is ludicrous. They made this ending this way on purpose.

          Bioware made an ending that was thought provoking (they made it ambiguous on purpose, and didn’t fill in all the details), and didn’t pander to the lowest common denominator. With the whole “don’t tell people what happened to your crew and such”, they essentially gave us a “create your own ending”. That’s what I mean when I say Bioware didn’t write the whole story, because as people saw it, the game ended, but there was no closure or anything. You create your own closure.

          I mean in a game like this with so many choices, it’d be impossible for Bioware to create an ending that would satisfy everyone. So they made the ending that way on purpose.

          People have been telling the gaming industry for years to not cater to casuals and dumb stuff down, and when Bioware decided to make an ending which most of their fanbase couldn’t understand, people went insane.

          I mean a game like Mass Effect, where the choices carry over bit. That kind of thing has never been done before. Who’s to say the ending is also something which also can be something that is never done before. Why would Mass Effect 3 need to have a cliche ending that everyone can understand? It doesn’t have to.

          The ending it not meant to be taken at face value.

          Truth is, like I said below, the mass relays did not get destroyed if you didn’t believe whatever the Starchild said.

          “Reapers resulting control of the limbic system leaves the victim highly susceptible to it’s suggestions”. — From the codex

          Essentially, it’s like misdirection. What the eyes see and the ears hear, the mind believes.

          A Reaper disguised as a child told you that the mass relays would get destroyed, synthetics would die, and people believed him, without ever questioning that this thing is lying on purpose to save it’s own ass. Reapers don’t want to get destroyed, so they made you pick a different option instead.

          People think an ending like this has no place in Mass Effect, but the truth is, the theme of this ending is not otherworldly. It has existed since the first game. There was plenty of foreshadowing to see this coming throughout the third game. If you pay attention to what is going on, it doesn’t come out of left field like most people think it does.

        • JohnSaigon

          As a business owner who works in another industry, the second you start harassing or insulting my staff, calling my writers incompetent in their abilities, is the second you won’t get any more business from me. Any other business would have given you the punt. Good riddance.

  • Benjamin Stephens

    Why in the world would I want to play a prequel when I know what the outcome will be?

    • Some one who isn’t an asshole

      If it came to that I think it would be more about the journy rather than the destination.

      • csm5673

        Yeah, it’s one thing to be told about the First Contact War in the books. It’s another thing to experience it first hand. Imagine being told how World War 2 ended, but then going back and experiencing it as a soldier first hand in a video game.

        • Matija Prahin

          sounds like call of honor and medal of duty

          • magnetite

            It’s more of a war story, set in the Mass Effect universe. People keep thinking Mass Effect is turning into a shooter, but it’s not. Still have RPG elements. Mass Effect was never intended to be a full blown RPG though. Always a mix of shooting and RPG elements. Third game has more than the second game in that regard. Next game may have even more RPG elements and minor shooting. The thing is a lot of stuff people don’t consider role playing elements are.

            I mean, how many shooters allow you to go get wasted at the Citadel with some mystery alien liquor, dance with strippers, or allow you to mod your character’s skills and abilities exactly how you want it? Mass Effect is more RPG than a lot of people realize.

  • John P

    how about one where you are a dashing galactic treasure hunter or choose to be one . or one where you are a space explorer from earth and you set out to find the secrets the galaxy has to offer with a crew of every race and gender

  • LucianaIV

    I honestly can’t ever see them produce anything post ME3 story wise, they so completely wrote themselves into a corner by having the three ice cream flavors ending that they wanted so badly, nothing can be done with it as no matter what, they’d have to pick one that’s canon, which would pretty much discard the choices of every single person who didn’t make that canon choice.

    And for god sake, who the hell would want to play a no-name little detective on the citadel after such a grand heroic tale as Shepard?

    • Chris Steeves

      i agree with the proportionality of epicness, but what about three different servers with each server following one of the possible endings?

    • csm5673

      ^ That chart will explain why the endings were different. It’s a lot more than just three identical endings with a color swap.

      ^ Says nothing about choices affecting the ending, but the game as a whole.

      The entire game is the end of the trilogy, and I personally did see my choices pay off during the course of the game. That is what Bioware sold us. Not a completely different ending made just for the individual player that no one else would get. If people expected that, well, they have completely unrealistic expectations.

      Due to the kind of game this is (choices carry over), with this being the end of the trilogy, and the end of Shepard’s story, there wasn’t going to be a fourth game to carry over to. So Bioware instead had the choices pay off during the course of the game.

      If people want to take it a step further, you could say this:

      Choices in Mass Effect 1 affect Mass Effect 2.
      Choices in Mass Effect 1 & 2 affect Mass Effect 3.
      Choices in Mass Effect 1-2595 affect Mass Effect 2596.

      At some point, they would need to stop. That’s what Bioware did with Mass Effect 3.

      • Dibol

        I could poke holes into your statement until the end of time:

        Council Lives or dies? You’ll only get miniscule mathematical numbers for your “War Assets”. Council still acts the same regardless of them living or dying.

        Krogan Genophage cured? Oh, whoopy fucking do, you get Krogans, and what gets me is considering how the Galaxy goes to the Dark fucking ages if you pick Destroy, they have to deal with population problems.

        Peace between Quarians and the Geth? Oh, making peace between the two factions doesn’t matter much considering the Geth die because Reaper software is apparently affected by the Crucible. Oh right, if you have brokered the peace with the Geth and chose destroy, you probably fucked over the Quarians’ life-support that is dependent on Geth programming.

        Mass Effect 2 squadmates living? Thane dies regardless of what you do, making Thanemancers outright pissed off. Jacob hooks up with FemHawke regardless of being in a romance with Shepard, while everyone else is a miniscule “War Asset.” Oh right, Legion’s death is inconsequential regardless of the Rannoch decisions.

        Collector Base Destroyed or Saved? Didn’t make a fucking difference other than “Ooh, Reaper Brain or Reaper heart.” Seriously, stop drinking the BioWare kool-aid.

        • csm5673

          Well this kind has to do with “what the heck did you expect”? Major choices to have a huge 4 hour mission devoted to them? Heck, even stuff like saving the council in the first game accounted to a 5 minute conversation with them. That’s the real problem–you expected too much and bought into the hype.

          Bioware Kool-aid? Maybe you should take responsibility for your actions like a man and stop blaming Bioware for the fact that you expected these huge wide-sweeping consequences for your actions for this game. It’s not technically feasible. Blame yourself on that one. You obviously know nothing about game design or budgeting when it comes to making a game. A game would cost 5 times as much and take 3 times as long to make to meet your expectations.

          Still, some people like to nitpick about all the little problems with the game just for the hell of it, because the game didn’t live up to your insane expectations you had for it.

          Maybe you should just go find a new game to play, because you’ve about had it with this one from what I can tell. Play something you actually enjoy instead of whining about all the problems in this game. People like you make me sick.

          • Dibol

            There’s something I’d like to call false advertising, asshole. Don’t blame the audience for holding the business accountable when BioWare made very specific claims prior to the game’s release.

          • BD

            Look at what you said GUEST ok so we expected a game with an ending that wasn’t cheap and made no sense fans made the indoctrination theory and they again f*ck us over with extended cut so stop blaming us besides you probably work for EA anyway so shove off

    • alex1608

      as far as the three ice cream flavours goes, firstly, they did it with characters such as urdnot wrex, and secondly, if they wanted they could just be broad “the reapers were defeated” and this would only really cut the synthesis ending out (which I thought was a bit rubbish as an idea)

    • BD

      True that

  • Krissy

    I want a Mass Effect 4 where Shepard comes back. Yes, I am super attached and I want to see a happy ending! They should default that s/he chose synthesis and was able to come back to earth after the citadel is destroyed and what not. S/he could help with rallying troops and rebuilding a new citadel or whatever. I’m sure someone could run with this idea.

    • Krissy

      So… I have played all three twice in the matter of just a few weeks. I’m always depressed when it ends.

      • Chris Steeves

        agreed, noone likes to see shepard die

    • BD

      So you want indoc shep

  • antonio robinson

    I think aria would be a great choice to investigate and have liara e as a bad guy or vise versa

  • Greg Mace

    I would like to see what happens to Liara. If you romances her did she possibly conceive a child with Shepard? Or Jack or any other possibility. It would be cool to rebuild earth and what about the Alliance forces? The Mass relays are destroyed, how do they get back to their home worlds? All those armies in the Sol system, things could get tense.
    Why go back, when their are just as many great adventures continueing on? What ever they choose I would like to know the aftermath. Maybe a comic book series? Ah well, I love the Mass Effect universe so I will probably live what’s next too. Just wish it wouldn’t take so long.

  • John

    If the main character isn’t a Human and if I can’t choose to be a soldier if I want to then I’m not buying it.

    We should have a choice if we want to be a solider or not. I don’t want to be on a f**king council or be a private investigator. Nor do I want to be an alien like Garrus (I killed him off in Mass Effect 2 because I found him weak and useless).

  • PhillipSurvivor

    I love you, Bioware. You’re smart developers and know what the fans want.We trust you’ll get it right. But PLEASE, for the love of ALL UNIVERSES, NO GARRUS SPINOFF PLEASE. PLEASE!

  • Dave

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Shepard, the Normandy, and her crew, but their story has ended. We have seen all there is to Shepard. We know his upbringings, depending on what we chose, and we followed him to his fate, whatever that might have been. Even if you didn’t like the endings, they aren’t changing. You can let that ruin the series for you, or you can come to terms with it.

    I would really like to see a new set of characters. I think it would be awesome to have a prequel taking place just after the first contact war. Where you could play as a young human, going AWOL from the Alliance, to go explore the different worlds, races, and things to discover that have just opened up to humanity. (whereas in the original trilogy, most of the information we get we can read all about instantly.) For example, we never really interact with Batarians in the trilogy, which could be sick to touch up on. Either having a Batarian squad member or Batarian nemesis could be awesome.

    This character could be more of an adventuring explorer than a soldier, like Shepard. Maybe we could even see some cameos of older characters like Wrex, Matriarch Benezia, Aria, the Illusive Man, etc.

    If Bioware could go down a road like this, I think the future of Mass Effect could be really promising.

    • Dibol

      Except the Normandy Crew’s ending ended on such a shitty note because of how piss poor the writing was. There is no way in fucking hell Shepard’s crew would want to cut tail and run especially during the darkest hour. That is where I call fucking bullshit.

      • Dave

        Alright, so what would you like to see happen, realistically?

        • Dibol

          Simple: High War Assets= Normandy rescues Shepard while the Reapers get destroyed, and the term bittersweet ending actually has the sweet on it? There would actually be diverging endings for Shepard being single or having all of the different L.I.s, as well as a temporary post-ending gameplay for players to decide Shepard’s fate after the ending. As it was, it ended on a shitty cliffhanger that will never get addressed in a later entry, just because the geniuses at BioWare thought giving definitive endings is so damn complicated that all plotholes have to be filled with shitty fan-fiction.

          • Dave

            You’re talking about revamping the story of a game that was finalized and published over a year ago. Bioware has already stated that they aren’t going to change the endings anymore. If you are seriously hoping that this will happen, then you are wasting your energy.

          • Dibol

            Still doesn’t change the fact that BioWare still fucked up and will be remembered that way until the creators hit their grave. As far as I remember, whatever is left of the core fanbase are the ass-kissers that will drink the kool-aid regardless of the questionable quality of their future games. All BioWare did effectively was tell me I invested a lot of time into the wrong franchise after this whole fucking debacle. This is coming from someone that got introduced to the company with KOTOR 1, and had very high expectations for Mass Effect to end with a good ending. Mass Effect 3′s ending was anything BUT good.

          • Dave

            I’m not arguing that the endings weren’t bad. I didn’t like them at all. But I love the Mass Effect Universe. I like the style of the Narrative, and I like the gameplay. I’m not willing to let the bad ending ruin it for me. It was all good up to that point, so I think there is still plenty of life in the Mass Effect series. That’s why I want to have a sequel: To revisit the universe, learn more about it (as it was pre-reaper invasion) and experience more Mass Effect.

    • BD

      Bioware owes us a proper ending.
      Udina:This is an outrage!

  • Munchkindad69

    i was thinking it would be a good idea if the next protagonist is a Mercenary. Imagine it, you are a merc just doing your usual jobs when suddenly, you get betrayed and left to rot in an abandoned colony. Your main goal is to get payback at those traitors. You go to Omega and meet Aria, you use your various skills and tricks to get a crew and a ship. You can customize that ship, inside and out. Your mission is serious, however since you are a merc you can have as much fun as you want(legal or otherwise), since you don’t have the discipline or rules of the military.

    • alex1608

      sounds like an extended version of zaeeds mission on me2

  • Daniela Jara

    Well, personally I think Garrus is an excellent candidate to star in the new Garrus lover is a living example of: be true to what you think is what you motiva.repito am totally in love with that character voted with the is just great, I’m addicted to video games and more effect is the epitome of RPG ONE tO REMEMBER!, the level of final fantasy vii, final fantasy x, metal gear solid those games that make us NOT SLEEP! in weeks. SHEPARD FEEL ME! I was and am, you will not, it hurts to know that your story ended but motivates me to know that we can trust bioware.esperemos give us thousands of hours more of exciting stories that we identify . would also be good to have a Garrus that surprised to shepard as a friend or romantic partner and that story was to mourn and say

    WHY DO NOT EXIST IN REAL LIFE turians I WANT ONE!?, Sit down to think about how much controversy caused the mass effec late March, think “if all you want to please, you can never make anyone happy.” Think more well up in tears we shed at least once in the game and hopefully with open arms our new history and now …

    but perhaps some of us are very impatient have to muster the courage and while ask:

    “HEY LADIES lets test my reach and your flexibility.” Garrus gracias.

  • Ben

    Shepard will be back. Halo is the perfect example. In the end Halo was not Halo without Master Chief. Well very simply he is back. They may try a few games without Shepard but in the end for the franchise to trully live long and prosper….Shepard will be back. it maybe in 5 years 10 years but he or she will return. There is no Halo without Master Chief. That has been proven. There is no Mass Effect without The Shepard. Just one mans humble opinion and hope.

  • Tristen Magnoni

    well they could have the ending of me3 be sorta small. idk. like all it does is give us a perk and the storyline may be slightly different but still have that main point.

  • 1critic

    I just want a sequel.

  • Corey Lindgren

    I want an open world, ability to choose your race and your name, give us some ability to choose our own storyline mass effect you made an awesome universe let us explore it!

  • Patrick H. Williams III

    Mass Effect 4 or the new Mass Effect should be an MMO RPG. It can be called Mass Effect: New Beginnings, or Reclamation. It should take place after the Reaper War. This will work if gamers load there save to the cloud and download it upon playing the new game. There can be three different servers. The chosen ending would decide which server you belong to, or newcomers can simply choose.
    Your character would start at the character creator. I think it would be neat if, depending on your love interest from the last game save, you could start off as the offspring of Shepard and Ashley, Shepard and Liara, Shepard and Miranda, etc. But only if the player chooses. If they had gay lovers, it’s the future, they could make offspring in a test tube.
    The core mechanic of the gameplay should consist of the player being able to choose a trade. For example: trader, soldier, pirate, or even diplomat. Or be able to choose any race to start from. The possibilities are endless.
    Planets should be traversable and be mined. Colonies and space ports should be hubs for people to converse and trade. Ships should be created by the player and the tools provided are dependent on the race and class of the character. If a character becomes rich enough, they should be able to create there own mining company, spaceport, or private military group.
    I do not want to see a prequel to this game. I want to see how the universe faired after the events of ME3. Evil will still; be prevalent in the galaxy after the dust settles. Think of all the reaper tech that was left behind. Where exactly did sovereign come from. There are still questions that can be answered with another installment of the series.

  • Scopperloit

    They should follow up on the “Indoctrination Theory”. It’s gold, and it would be stupid not to seize this opportunity!

  • Big B.

    But don’t you see that is the beauty of mass effect sure it is a sci-if and an amazing action thriller but humans still act like humans it is not like we have completely changed infant the mass effect trilogy is pretty much showing other races that humans do have what it takes to survive in space and that we do deserve everything that we have accomplished

  • Matija Prahin

    no, no, no and no… MASS EFFECT= Commander Shepard… everything else is just boring and stupid.

  • Matija Prahin

    There is just one thing I miss in ME universe and that is DRAGON AGE. Imagine there is a planet where people live in medieval age and believe in dragons and shit and drink potions made from lyrium when in fact it’s reaper invasion (darkspawn) and lyrium is actually element zero and magic is just primitive version of biotic abilities!

  • NoobLord

    I’d like to know how the Protheans got into power in their cycle, so their rise to power and just cut out the Reaper bit because we know how that ends.

  • Ralph Green

    I think that should have the Normandy crew retire as well as the Normandy herself that way if they wanted to bring them back later they could but honestly they have had a full ride so maybe having the decisions commander shepherd and the crew made in the trilogy effect how they all end up including the choice of ending each player made. but I also think that should also effect rather shepherd lives or not. they also should adopt the happy ending mod as a permanent mod for the game.

  • Last Hippo

    Why not go Hitman with Thane?

  • Simeon

    For sure it must have very long intro because the game is some kind of movie :) i would like to see it start like a long story ! Also Shepard must appear somewhere in the game its wierd to play “Mass Effect” Without to see Shepard hah…

  • Jarto Törnroos

    What about a story of the war between Quarians and Geth, from quarian point of view ??? I think that would be GREAT.

  • Dante

    how about story after the defeat of the reapers

  • romezarelli

    Sooooo. The title is “mass effect 4 shepard is coming back”. but it wont be called mass effect 4 and Shepard isnt coming back? I give the fuck up.

    • David Herrera

      Have you heard of the whole rumor that Shepard is coming back? It’s August 22 and there is a Shepard rumor? WTF

  • Ethir

    I’ve just finished 1,2 and 3 in a week and my reaction to the final ending is WTF. There is no freaking information about “The one who control the Reaper” it is like they made him there so they could create a dramatic end. And what with the stupid explanation: ” Ascend into Reaper ” ? – did they just pulled it out of Star Gate ? Why the heck that they needed to be force to ascended ? Cerberus boss, common, no freaking boss fight, we have just talked a guy into his dead. And the endings; none of them are making sense. “Destroyed” really ? He has to shoot and take an explosive right into his face to activate the beam ? If you are so advance why the heck that the beam can’t only target Reaper but all synthetic ? What the heck with survive in the end ? This ending suppose to be the selfish ending; he sacrifices the Geth so he lives ? “Control” How on earth that he become an being like God ? That idiotic kid just told him Reaper are previous civilizes ascended, and they are always ascending at the specific technology advance point. So how on earth he got the infinite knowledge ? At best he is a Historian. And if the kid create the Reaper; shouldn’t he be able to take control the Reaper back whenever he like undo the whole freaking ending ? “Synthetic” it’s like they try to put a Heroic ending into game, sacrifice yourself to save everyone even the Reaper. But how on earth it will stop war ? they are synthetic, not robot, they still have thought; desire; ambition hence there will be war. And what about the Reaper in this ending, what happen to them ? why do they help ? “Additional Ending” those greedy producers, They knew no one would contain with their half ass original ending, so they tricked people to buy the new Worst Ending.

    Putting those aside; the game is really interesting; the interaction with others characters is amazing specially in ME3 – here the others characters do not just standing at 1 place like puppet. The 1st person shooter is also great.

    I don’t think I will buy ME4; Admiral Ackbar :” IT’S A TRAP”. They try to trick people buying ME4 to see what happen before or at after ME 1-3. It may be good, but it will never be as good as ME cause it will be built with greed.

  • Wizard_Dude

    Um… Wii U CAN run Frostbite 3. There’s no reason it couldn’t, given that it’s far more powerful than 360/PS3 and they can run it just fine. EA themselves said Wii U could run it.

  • Guy_McDude

    It’ll be Mass Effect:Voyager.
    Quote me on this.

  • Peter Fastmoney Frakes

    make a shepard clone … i’d play that .

  • Peter Fastmoney Frakes

    yu already know he dies nd saves the universe why go 2 baq be4 that

  • Mauro Souza Silva

    Just do a ME4 some 300 years after the reapers and everything will be fine. Why need to complicate things? You want some spins? Go after smaller games like Infiltrator. Yeah ME universe is big, so put it on the right place. New grotesque enemy, new galaxy, new future, whatever.

  • Milan Pavicic

    In my personal opinion they should place a new game far in the future. Make it have nothing to do with Reapers or anything like that.

    Give it 150-250 years from the ending of ME3 and make the plot point a new war. Some kind of militant race like Krogans getting uplifted but then rebelling and starting to conquer the galaxy.

  • Santis Vander

    I’d freak my ass out if they would do something like shepard’s son, I mean, Shepard having a son with someone in the earth (in secret) and the history of someone trying to take the galaxy out by repairing a reaper or something simillar being killed by shepard’s son, it would be perfectly awesome..

  • Fritz MacCormick

    I could see a game taking place after the first trilogy. You would just have to either choose which ending you want or import ME Trilogy data. There is definitely room for that sort of thing. They could explore the different races that are out there. I would vote that Garrus stay in the franchise. He’s the best. It’ll be hard to top the awesome story of ME 1, 2, 3. I hope they don’t. There is my two cents. There are a lot of different directions they could go I was thinking that you play as the kid at the very end of ME3 after the credits some way or another.

  • Frank Chaple

    You the company or we the fans can decide the path that leads us in to the future of M.E. The caos that is left is open for unlimted stories. Test the waters with some $20 arcade games so u don’t kill the unvirse in a big $$ flop any one of the crew is a game maker exp…Joker goes buck wild after his losses gets cyborged up & sets out to persue the dream of the crews by stabilizing the government he chooses is worthy . There u go a space combat/ RPG. That would set the Normandy & the crew as government & / or Pirate ship game line.