Minecraft Xbox 360 Large Swamp Area Seed Update


Disclaimer: Screenshot above is not related to this Minecraft Xbox 360 seed.

I’m going to suggest a single Minecraft Xbox 360 seed to all of you: 586515004

This seed has a very large swamp area and some large plains as well.

There are two snow areas and two desert areas.

Minecraft Xbox 360 Seed Everyone?

There are essentially no big hills on this map. It is an exceptionally flat map overall.

From spawn, if you head directly to the bottom of the map and then a little to your left, you will encounter a HUGE open ravine system (i.e. connected adjacent ravines). The highest “open air” ravine goes from surface to Y45.

If you then follow the waterfall down, it will open into a second huge lower ravine that bottoms out at Y23.

Follow that same waterfall farther down and you wide up at a lava lake on Y12.

Perfect, IMO, for the ravine city one poster was looking to do.

There are also several other large open-air ravines elsewhere on the map.

The one drawback is that there are no villages that I could spot on this map.

I am going to proceed looking for the stronghold & mineshafts and checking out the nether (in creative mode).

So I won’t spoil anything for anyone, I may not post the coordinate here (unless I figure out spoilers first).

However, if you want, you can tell me and I’ll give out coordinates upon request.


For a project I’m working on I need a seed with a very deep ravine, preferably one which is also very long and quite wide, but not massively wide.

I’m also looking for a seed with a very large mountain with a fairly flat top, although I can compromise on that, at the edge of an ocean biome.


I am looking for a seed with big cave systems, it’ll be nice if they’re connected. If not that’s fine. No specific biomes, a few villages would be nice as well.

Thank you.


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  • RamboAmok

    Xbox 360 edition – for a complete winter biome (corner to corner) type in 3:12 as if you were writing the time…. good seed for a gigantic battle of hoth…mmm i can see it now.

  • Matt. St**e

    You must be a 10 year – old. Your account is full of lying titles. Grow up.

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  • Matt. St**e

    I agree with Ryan Shayne Neal, you really are a prick.