Minecraft Xbox 360 Update TU12 Release Date Information


Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition ridden with bugs even after TU10 update.

After Minecraft Xbox 360 community gather around to hand over 50 bugs report to 4J Studios since TU9, and seeing TU10 emerge with only 15 bug fixes, evading those such as the Glass Visibility bug and the bug that still prevents Double Doors from working properly, some of them felt a little disappointed.

New Minecraft Xbox 360 TU12 Update or New Bugs?

To clarify, TU10 was a “hot fix” rather than a major bug fix update as it has been done as quickly as possible mostly to correct the Silver Xbox LIVE Account bug and the lighting bug.

It was essentially done over the first weekend after TU9 patch was released on Xbox LIVE and had been waiting for a slot to certification after that.

If those two bugs had not been quite so urgent to fix, there may have been more bugs fixed overall.

In addition, every bug fixed does have a chance of introducing an even worse one, so quite often software companies do opt to just never fix bugs that are not really that bad.

It’s a standard policy in the computing industry.

The double door bug is a good example.

Many of the bugs listed here have existed on the PC for ages and ages; and Mojang probably doesn’t fix them there either for the same reasons.

You can find the bug fixes list below:

Change log for Title Update 10 – April 9th 2013


- Fix for Silver LIVE profiles getting an error message on loading a save.
- Fix for lighting bug causing unlit areas even when light sources were placed in the these areas.
- Fixed slowdown caused by explosions (TNT and Creepers).
- Fixed frame rate slowdown in The End being experienced by some players until the Endercrystals were destroyed.
- Fixed crash when placing lots of Item Frames with Maps inside.
- Fixed collision box issue at the top of Ladders.
- Fixed issues with animals taking damage randomly, or falling through the wooden planks floors.
- Made Dispenser suck water/lava back into an empty bucket.
- Fix for Potion Bottles being launched from a Dispenser.
- Enabled placing Pressure Plates on Nether Fence.
- Fixed an issue with Fire Charges sticking at the edge of the world.
- Change to not be able to place more than the maximum amount of Paintings/Item Frames, rather than removing previously placed ones.
- Stop players from interacting with Item Frames and Paintings when ‘Can Build and Mine’ is disabled.
- Fixed the Custom Skin Animation setting not working.
- Play the correct sound on hitting the Enderdragon.

No release date has been set for Minecraft Xbox 360 TU12 update.

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