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The hardware on the Xbox 360 is a absolute rock-hard ceiling on what can go into Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition.

You can code anything, but you probably also then have to remove something else so that the game does not exceed the limits of the hardware.

Minecraft Xbox 360 Update TU12: Why We Can’t Have Everything

If you exceed the abilities of the RAM and processors in the Xbox 360, the game freezes… everyone’s game freezes, period. We ALL have to just deal with it.

On the PC, people have PCs of varying capabilities and also PCs can have pieces of their guts changed to improve their individual system’s capabilities. So, if Minecraft PC starts to freeze their computer, they can add RAM or swap out a newer graphic card and they’re good again. However, the Xbox 360 isn’t built that way. So, if you want, say, “infinite worlds” – how much of the rest of the game are you willing to give up so that those worlds can load on the Xbox without freezing up solid?

Everyone just asks for more… no one says what they might be willing to give up in order to incorporate those features.

Also, the other big demands involve mods. However, 4J Studios are not responsible for the Xbox 360 being closed source. That’s Microsoft’s ballyhook and I doubt any amount of demanding community written mods is going to break down Microsoft so that they allow it; and certainly crapping on people who have been stating that reality and or 4J isn’t going to change that.

Minecraft Xbox 360 vs Minecraft PC

I’m a firm believer that people who really prefer to play the game on the PC should play it on the PC where they enjoy playing it. That’s not a slam on them… people should play whatever games they enjoy on whatever system they enjoy playing them on. Games are meant to be enjoyed, period. The Xbox 360 isn’t getting anymore powerful at any time down the road (although you will be soon able to buy an Xbox One and play the Xbox One Version of Minecraft on that system) and opening up the ability for community members to write mods for the Xbox is REALLY UNLIKELY to ever happen either. It just IS what it IS… and what it always has been.

I have also never said that it’s just too hard to fix the bugs. Not everything reported as a bug is a bug. Bugs, by definition, are repeatable and have a definite source of the problem within the code. When a player misunderstands or merely doesn’t like the game mechanics (as in several of the animal farming issues) – that’s not a coding bug.

Also, EVERY software company deliberately does not correct very minor bugs because correcting a bug always runs the risk of introducing an even worse bug. It’s a policy decision made by them. Also, 4J must adhere (as much as possible) to a schedule for updates that Microsoft gives them. Many people reporting bugs seem to think that the bug should be fixed the next time they load the game. It just doesn’t work that way on the Xbox. The list of reported bugs is gathered, prioritized and the ones deemed most important are tracked and fixed. The updates also alternate – one adds features and the next one fixes bugs.

There has been one exception TU10 and TU11 were both bug fixes… only because TU9 had a couple of critical bugs that necessitated adding in a “quick fix” bug update. Also, I believe the release of the game on disc has also disrupted the Title Update schedule somewhat.

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