Minecraft Xbox 360 Update Weather Service


So far we have rain, thunderstorms, and snow in Minecraft Xbox 360.

I love weather, and I think we should have different kinds of weather.

More Weather For Minecraft Xbox 360

There should be a new object called “Severe Weather Detector” or something, with the colors red, blue, yellow, and green. Each color represents a different kind of bad weather.



Come when thunderstorms are happening. A huge funnel that sweeps anywhere through the terrain, and it could go right through your creations. It damages the player severely, so you need to take cover. Color on the Detector is Yellow.



Only occurs when you’re near an ocean. Big wave that comes down and wipes out anything in its path. Also does damage to the player. Cannot take down any type of stone, but can take down wood. Color on the Detector is Blue.



Yes, we already have snow, but its light, peaceful snow. Blizzards are strong downpours of snow around tundra, high in mountains. They only occur where a place is covered with snow, and can sometimes be dangerous. Color on the Detector is Green.



Occurs in forests with an abundance of trees, and a scarce amount of water. Droughts happen, which remove a lot of water in the area, which allows the place to rarely catch fire. Fire spreads easily, so if you see a wildfire, run. If it’s close to your buildings, better work on putting that thing out from the source. Color on the Detector is Red.


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  • Mike

    Fuck off

  • Blu

    Neva gonna happen cuz 4J follows Mojangs updates.

  • chris ulik


  • Isaac Lovo

    This is stupid! There would be no progregress when making and building stuff for your house unless its made of gay stone

  • tyler

    I think it is cool :D

  • tyler

    but wild fires noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • yolo

    I think that wuld be awsume