PS4 Release Date With GTA 5 At Launch?


There is good news for GTA 5 fans who would rather play the game on new hardware.

A recent report by GameRanx suggests that Take-Two is still mulling over whether the publisher should release the game on next-gen consoles or not.

GTA 5 Might Be Announced For PS4 and Next Xbox During Take-Two Investor Call

It is expected to give a final verdict during the investor call on May 16, and as things stand, they might decide in favor of releasing the game on next-gen consoles.

Take-Two investor calls have historically accounted for most of the new key announcements by the publisher, and we could very well get an announcement regarding GTA 5 on next-gen consoles and PC next month considering Take-Two/Rockstar Games has neither confirmed nor denied it.

GTA 5 is arguably the most anticipated game this year, and analysts believe it will act as a catalyst to revive the video game software sales downward trend that is expected to continue until late August, mid September.

With PS4 and Next Xbox on the horizon, it doesn’t make sense for a blockbuster to ignore both consoles especially when it could easily sell more copies by reaching out to a broader audience. Most of the fans will go for the exclusives, but that could change if a game of GTA 5 stature is confirmed for these consoles.

GTA 5 is set to release on 17th September on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. If the next-gen version of the game is confirmed during the investor call, it would most definitely be during the Christmas period or early 2014 after the launch of the new consoles.

That brings us to an important question – Would you rather play the game on Xbox 360/Playstation 3 or wait it out to play it on next-gen consoles?

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  • Mrknowldge

    Definitely on next gen consoles

  • Kyle

    I would buy it on both this gen and next

  • Connor Perkowski

    Next Gen for sure!

  • Aaron

    Next gen no doubt.
    I will never forgive Rockstar if they don’t release it on next gen.

  • Dohv

    Next-Gen but I’m not waiting to May.

  • gta master

    of course ps4

  • jack

    gta 5 for ps4 please next generation

  • jack

    gta 5 ps4

  • jack

    they will get more profit for the gta 5 release ps4

  • jack

    gta 5 ps4 please

  • jack

    gta 5 ps4

  • jack

    gta 5 ps4 would be an accomplishment for fans of the series

  • jack

    fans ask gta ,gta 5 for ps4

  • jack

    gta 5 in ps4 we want rockstar

  • jack

    gta 5 release ps4

  • jack

    gta 5 want to ps4

  • Guest

    Lol Next Gen

  • Wayne Clemens

    next gen

  • brokenogre

    This is nothing more than wishful thinking, the game has been in development for over 5 years, even if it comes out for a next gen system its still at least a year away and it will look barely marginally better if it looks better at all