The Client List Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt Embarrassed by her Outfit on Ellen DeGeneres Show


Jennifer Love Hewitt made jaws drop yesterday, when she appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show wearing a very deep cleavage black dress. JLove put her assets on full display and Ellen DeGeneres along with her guest co-host of the evening, Mathew Perry, did not fail to take notice.

Ellen quipped on how Jennifer must have run out of time while sewing her dress while Mathew did his best ‘Chandler’ reaction by saying, ‘It might be my favorite day.’

Even Jennifer herself was flattered by her own dress, describing it as a ‘wowser.’ She also apologized about it. Don’t know why she would do that. A lot of people were grateful to her, none more than Ellen and Mathew. The latter failed to make eye contact with JLove for the rest of the interview.

After they all settled down, Jennifer revealed her new nickname given to her by her 86-year-old grandmother, and it is ‘Little TV Ho’. What inspired the new nickname was Jennifer’s character from her hit TV show, ‘The Client List.’ In it, she plays lingerie wearing massage therapist who regularly does a little something extra to keep her clients happy.

Enough of my ramblings for now, I’ll stop leaving you to admire what is worth admiration. By the way, did you know that Jennifer Love Hewitt recently claimed that her boobs were worth $5 million?

Every penny’s worth of that 5 million I say.

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